Automobile Liability Insurance is required by law in all states and territories of the USA. Physical proof of insurance is required in all but a handful of these juristictions. Physical proof of automobile insurance comes in the form of a paper document commonly called an Automobile Insurance Identification Card or Auto ID Card. The content and format of Auto ID Cards is regulated by the Deparment of Motor Vehicles and/or the Department of Insurance of each juristiction. As one might expect, it can be a daunting task for insurance professionals to ensure that they are providing their clients with compliant Auto ID Cards on a timely basis every time the automobile insurance policy term renews.

With the large number of Uninsured Motorists in the USA, law enforcement agencies and officials are playing an increasingly vigilint role in making sure that vehicles that do not have proof-of-insurance have their registrations suspended, are towed, and/or the owner fined.

Within the world of commercial insurance, the task of getting Auto ID Cards into the right vehicles at the right location can be a logistic challenge. Until now, the process of procuring the proper cards, placing accurate data in the correct places on the cards, and sorting/distributing the cards has been a struggle for insurane professionals and fleet managers alike.

Using FergTech's AutoIDweb software, compliant Auto ID Cards can be quickly and easily be created and printed or emailed to drivers.

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